Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chunky ATC

Well its been an eventful few weeks, not been having a good time at work but I'm hoping its all sorted now :)

On the plus side I managed to have cuddles with Owen, my little cousin, he is so tiny but a little beauty. Hopefully his mummy and daddy will be able to take him home soon as he is getting better since his tracheostomy was fitted.

I was bought a Bigshot for my birthday, yeahhhh. and  I've been playing today. I've managed to complete my first Chunky ATC (which is for a swap on UKS). I really am quite chuffed with it. The bird cage was made from a coke can!! Hope the lady who receives it likes it. Nina xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Life's a Bitch!

Still not having a good time at work but hopefully things will be sorted soon.

I intend on sorting the rest of the craft room tomorrow so will hopefully be able to start creating some Art or at the very least finish some off lol.

Friday, 6 January 2012


Not much from me tonight, not had a good day at work, feeling used, unappreciated and being made to feel like its all my own fault. ho hum :(

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Busy day!!

I have had more of a de-clutter today, I have sorted some of my kitchen cupboards and cleaned them and also have tided and sorted some more of my craft room. My cousin Jo  has asked that I donate any unwanted craft items to the Ronald McDonald House she is using in Birmingham to be near her beautiful son Owen who was born prematurely and has a number of issues and is not well enough to come home yet. They apparently have craft sessions for siblings and adult craft sessions too. So I will be donating to there instead of Freecycle. This is me with Owen on his Family Naming Day. Isn't he a little cutie pie.

I have also been to the hospital today for a check up, both fat clinic (stayed the same...FAT!) and Gynea. Gynea wise I do have some problems and they are looking into them. I will get there in the end.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Day back at work!!

Well today was my first day back at work after 5 days off. It was quite a busy day (GP visit days are) but it does mean that the day went faster. It was the usual round of medications, daily progress writing and care plans!!

I have my 2nd weigh in at Fat clinic tomorrow (well its official title is Obesity Clinic at the local hospital), I think...well I know I've put more weight on even though I have tried to eat healthy. Christmas and New Year haven't helped lol. I'm hoping in February when I see Dr Barber, I will be one step closer to having a gastric band fitted. Then on Thursday I have another hospital appointment to check on my cancer progress (although I am in the clear). I do have a few problems near the site of the cancer so just going to get them checked out.

No crafting for me today as I'm to tired to even think straight let alone craft. However I have been looking on-line for Chunky ATC's as I have joined the Chunky ATC swap over on UK Scrappers. There are some beautiful pieces on the web and I've even managed to pin some on Pinterest a on-line notice board. This will hopefully help me when I get assigned my swap partner and attempt to decorate a chunky ATC in the theme of their choice. My theme is open as long as it in the colour ways of gold, purple and black to match my front room as that's where I intend on displaying the work of art when it is finished. I am going to try and clear some more of my craft room tomorrow after I have finished at the hospital, so that at the weekend I can play and hopefully post a picture of a craft creation.

Thanks for reading this far xx

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello 2012

Well hello 2012. I'm hoping it will be a much better year than 2011 was. My health has not been fantastic, I've changed jobs and had quite a stressful time of it so bye bye 2011. However 2012 is a new year and a new start. My resolutions are to get healthier, lose weight and do more crafting. I also intend on progressing my nursing career by applying and becoming a nursing home manager.

Health wise, I need to lose about 10stone. Such a huge number I know but even losing a stone to start with will be a start to improving my health. I would LOVE to be at least 5 stone lighter before my 40th Birthday in January 2013. I am fed up with the back ache, the tiredness, the menopause, the headaches and all the other problems I have, but losing the weight will be a massive part in getting my health back on track. I intend doing this by watching what I eat and joining Slimming World again and exercising more. I would like to try and exercise at least 4 times a week, either on my bike or on Zumba. By getting a new job as manager this will help as I will not have to work as many unsociable shifts as I am doing now. I think this will help me stay on track better.

I would also like to think that I can finish all those unfinished projects I already have on the go, like my fabric CJ, my F.a.m.i.l.y album, my FEEL art journal and numerous other projects. To do this i really need to de-clutter my craft room first as I cannot get in there to craft at all! there are boxes and bags of craft stuff everywhere but I have started sorting today. I'm chucking the rubbish, having a donation box which I will end up putting on Freecycle and a recycling box.

I think I have a lot of positives to look forward to in 2012 and with my fabulous Husband Rich by my side I know I can achieve my goals. I am also going to attempt to keep this blog up and running and post my achievements, healthwise and craftwise for all to see to give me a boost for when I am feeling a little wobbly.

Happy 2012 Everyone xxx